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Here is my semester project. I based it off of my research paper, which was about the bad ingredients in our food that have harmful effects on the human body.

chef-boyardee  , that download will show you what I wrote about the Froot Loops, and the Chef Boyardee.

3d-project-hfcs , that download will show you what I said about HFCS, GMO’s, and Artificial Hormones, and also the ingredients in Ramen.

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Rhetoric – the conscious choices you make in writing, speaking, and composing.

1. Two ways I used rhetoric to construct a persuasive text? I tried to in many ways.  I mostly used pathos, which is the appeal to emotion. We live in an emotional world today, so if you learn how to hit someones emotions in the right way, then you can really persuade them into thinking about what you’re saying. Not only did I focus on pathos, but I also focused on logos, which is the appeal to logic. I think that rhetorical skill is actually the most important, because you have to know what you’re talking about and you have to be able to talk about it in a logical way; or else no one will quite understand what your point is.

2. Two ways my research process changed this semester. I would have to say one of the ways was how I actually took a lot more time to research my topic than I usually would. I also never really looked into using a ton of sources, I typically ran off of my own thoughts, with some credible sources to go along. This whole class taught me how to research sources and that’s pretty cool.

3. What is the purpose of documentation systems? To be honest, I don’t fully understand this question.

4. Describe 1 benefit and 1 challenge i found in composing with digital media. One benefit that came out of composing with digital media, is the opportunity to be able to voice whatever you want. But one challenge is being able to word things so the public eye can see. I’m assuming this refers to our blogs.

5. Explain the impact sharing my work with others in class had on my composing. It didnt have much of an effect. at all

December 5, 2016

For the CSW, I was kind of unprepared. I wish I had a lot more time to perfect my poster and maybe make it look a little better. I would probably make my food model look better and I would put more time into it.

Some things I didn’t like was how crowded it was, I presented at the end and yet it was still very busy and hot. Very hot. I wish I was told to use a smaller board, because I was basically hiding behind my poster board the entire time.

What I did like about the CSW was how people were actually there. I didn’t think it would be so busy there and it was actually nice, even though it was pretty bad at the same time.

Some suggestions to make the event better would have to be… extend the time frame by at least one more hour. So we could spread students out more so the tables weren’t so crowded.


Sharing digitally versus simply writing a research paper… I think sharing research digitally through the use of blogging helps you get your topic out there on a more personal level. Simply writing a paper is very strict and you have to follow a set of guidelines that you constantly have to worry about. But on the other hand, blogging or creating any 3D representation of what your research is on, will help you explain what you wrote about a lot quicker and easier.

The challenges that follow the creation of a digital or multi modal text is your own creativity.


To narrow down my research paper… it’s basically saying the food we eat here in America is not good for you. At all.

I mean yeah there are some organic version of main brands, or some brands out there that you may have never ever heard of that are considered a lot healthier. But who has heard of them? Who wants to spent an extra dollar or two on them? That right there is the problem. Our main brand products that we buy and eat every single day, actually contain extremely dangerous ingredients that put you at risk for heart disease, obesity, cancer and many many more.

My paper really shows the ingredients that are used and what they do to our bodies.



Love Trumps hate? I’ll be honest, I did not like either candidate.

I would be just as scared if Hillary was in office. Our world today is just slowly being broken down. Good luck out there.

Lots of Love towards everyone. Everyone


In class we read “The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts”, and as my group discussed, I noticed we basically agreed on the same things. She pointed out parts of the reading that she found interesting, and I also found those parts quite interesting. I on the other hand did not write about the reading and what stood out interesting, I actually compared the writing process with creating artwork, like painting a picture. As I was reading I just couldn’t help but compare everything the writer was saying.

For example, in the reading, it says the first draft of a paper is the beginning, and that really stood out to me as I compared. I pointed out how when creating a finished piece of artwork, I don’t really want to just sketch out what I want to paint, and then consider it done. I need to rethink what I drew, add more, take away some things; the same thing can be applied to writing.

Also yeah the article, I already knew a lot of what’s being talked about, so I just compared.


My thesis statement to my paper is “In America, there are chemicals in the food products sold all across America, and they have a negative effect on the human body.”

I haven’t gotten around to coming up with interview questions.. so I’ll do that now.

How long have you been interested in this sort of topic?

Have you experienced any personal issues after eating something with preservatives/ food additives in it? If so how was it like?

Do you know any of the chemicals used? Which ones are worse than others?

Would you let someone in your household eat a box of Cheez its? Or some Ramen?


For research questions:

What are the chemicals, what type of chemical is it and how much more common are some compared to others?

What do these chemicals do to the human body? Do they have any beneficial qualities about them?

In some countries, some substances are banned. Why are they still used in American food if they’re banned in other countries?

The use of hormonal injections and pesticides are used with American livestock and crops, what are the long term effects of using such substances? What do they do to our bodies?


Yay, happy fake discovery of America Day!

Something I used to fake was being sick all the time, with everything. But literately everyone has done that. But to extend out, I kinda faked being sick to get out of a detention. It would have been my first detention and I wasn’t 100% faking it but.. whatever. I was late to class by a couple seconds and wasn’t feeling well, but my teacher gave me a detention. Later that day I emailed her saying I was in the bathroom due to feeling sick when really I was just walking really slow to class, because I didn’t want to go.

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