My thesis statement to my paper is “In America, there are chemicals in the food products sold all across America, and they have a negative effect on the human body.”

I haven’t gotten around to coming up with interview questions.. so I’ll do that now.

How long have you been interested in this sort of topic?

Have you experienced any personal issues after eating something with preservatives/ food additives in it? If so how was it like?

Do you know any of the chemicals used? Which ones are worse than others?

Would you let someone in your household eat a box of Cheez its? Or some Ramen?


For research questions:

What are the chemicals, what type of chemical is it and how much more common are some compared to others?

What do these chemicals do to the human body? Do they have any beneficial qualities about them?

In some countries, some substances are banned. Why are they still used in American food if they’re banned in other countries?

The use of hormonal injections and pesticides are used with American livestock and crops, what are the long term effects of using such substances? What do they do to our bodies?