In class we read “The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts”, and as my group discussed, I noticed we basically agreed on the same things. She pointed out parts of the reading that she found interesting, and I also found those parts quite interesting. I on the other hand did not write about the reading and what stood out interesting, I actually compared the writing process with creating artwork, like painting a picture. As I was reading I just couldn’t help but compare everything the writer was saying.

For example, in the reading, it says the first draft of a paper is the beginning, and that really stood out to me as I compared. I pointed out how when creating a finished piece of artwork, I don’t really want to just sketch out what I want to paint, and then consider it done. I need to rethink what I drew, add more, take away some things; the same thing can be applied to writing.

Also yeah the article, I already knew a lot of what’s being talked about, so I just compared.