Rhetoric – the conscious choices you make in writing, speaking, and composing.

1. Two ways I used rhetoric to construct a persuasive text? I tried to in many ways.  I mostly used pathos, which is the appeal to emotion. We live in an emotional world today, so if you learn how to hit someones emotions in the right way, then you can really persuade them into thinking about what you’re saying. Not only did I focus on pathos, but I also focused on logos, which is the appeal to logic. I think that rhetorical skill is actually the most important, because you have to know what you’re talking about and you have to be able to talk about it in a logical way; or else no one will quite understand what your point is.

2. Two ways my research process changed this semester. I would have to say one of the ways was how I actually took a lot more time to research my topic than I usually would. I also never really looked into using a ton of sources, I typically ran off of my own thoughts, with some credible sources to go along. This whole class taught me how to research sources and that’s pretty cool.

3. What is the purpose of documentation systems? To be honest, I don’t fully understand this question.

4. Describe 1 benefit and 1 challenge i found in composing with digital media. One benefit that came out of composing with digital media, is the opportunity to be able to voice whatever you want. But one challenge is being able to word things so the public eye can see. I’m assuming this refers to our blogs.

5. Explain the impact sharing my work with others in class had on my composing. It didnt have much of an effect. at all