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I read the article “How to Read like a Writer” and took some notes. I read the first couple pages fully and then started skimming the rest. But I forgot most of it, I just remember the main point of it… which is whatever you’re reading, don’t jut read it for the information. You can also read it to learn how to write yourself, you can pick up on habits that the writer shows and perform them yourself. Looking back at my notes, I wrote about how it says to pay careful attention to what you read. Look at the techniques present in the writing and determine if you’d like to use them in your own writing. I took note of a quote by author David Jauss, he says “Reading wont help you much Unless you learn to read like a writer, you must look at a book the way a carpenter looks at a house someone else built, examining the details in order to see how it was made.”

“Reading like an architect”



How am I doing?

I mean. Fine? My favorite month has finally started and I couldn’t be anymore excited. The marathons of scary movies and the start of the walking dead is approaching and I’m so excited. Caramel apples are out everywhere so I’m eating WAY too much, but yeah life is good…

Since I’m in band I get really busy really fast in the month of October, so this is going to be funnn. BUT tomorrow is the Downriver Fanfare and that is such an important competition for my high school band.. and EMU band is performing in it!!

As for my classes, It’s hard keeping track and balancing life, band and homework but I mean whatever, it’s what we have to do for a good job. I also didn’t get payed at the beginning of the month for some reason so I’ll be busy stressing about emailing and calling important people.

Oh and I will have a baby brother coming up in the next 2 weeks. SO since I live at home, I’ll have to learn how to take care of the baby. But again I’m pretty excited for it. Just a bit concerned for everyone’s sleep and my school work and everything.

I have a very mixed feeling as to how I’m doing though, really excited about everything but at the same time internally screaming for a break. Which by the way, Thanksgiving please come soon.


I started initially thinking about my proposal the day it was mentioned, I started writing it about 3 days ago. But I did change my topic several times, because one things lead to another. Especially within the same topic.

how did I write a thesis. The way I wrote my thesis… well I actually had to search up some examples because writing a thesis always stops my train of thought. But besides that, once I actually figured out what I wanted it to be about, it wasn’t bad at all. I actually wrote two thesis statements. Also to answer what was the biggest challenge, writing the thesis statement first off. And secondly, it was hard for me to basically stay on topic.

What was easy about writing my research proposal? I really don’t know. Some parts were easy and some were harder. I just kept thinking of ┬áton of topics I’d like to write a research paper about.


My thoughts stand with what has been said in class and actually anywhere in the world. There is too much hate going around. Religion, race, the way you are, literately everything. It feels like you aren’t safe in the world and I legit fear for my future, my families future, everyone’s future.

I was at the football game on Friday, I’m in the band, and I watched as more and more protesters gathered. And when the game ended and they all marched the field in protest, I wasn’t mad, I just felt towards them. It’s hard to live in this world, and no matter how much hate is spread, we should all unite and stand together against the hate.

all lives matter.


Also my research is going great ­čÖé


Rhetoric is useful in many different ways. Pathos, kairos, logos and ethos are things you should always keep in mind. When writing something you need to know what you’re talking about most importantly, show that you really care towards it (showing emotion) And lastly kairos is the timing of what you do.

I have used rhetoric in my writings, but I never intended on it. I never thought about it as I wrote or posted on social media, but thinking back, yeah I’ve used rhetoric.


Nothing really surprised me with the Wikipedia article. What the article talked about is what I usually do when I use Wikipedia. I wasn’t really expecting them to tell us how to become a Wikipedia author though. I was mostly expecting a talk about what Wikipedia is best used for.

What I found interesting in Understanding Rhetoric? I’m mostly still getting used to our text book being a comic book. It’s pretty awesome though.┬áThe illustrations talked about how the writer can stay on topic AND what to write about, depending on your audience.


My previous experiences with research papers are within my highschool years, and kind of middle school. I would usually just stare at the computer screen or piece of paper  until a topic would come to mind. Or sometimes just take it home and think at home, go on social media, watch TV, play a game or two. If nothing came, which is what usually happens, I would start asking my family for ideas.

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