I read the article “How to Read like a Writer” and took some notes. I read the first couple pages fully and then started skimming the rest. But I forgot most of it, I just remember the main point of it… which is whatever you’re reading, don’t jut read it for the information. You can also read it to learn how to write yourself, you can pick up on habits that the writer shows and perform them yourself. Looking back at my notes, I wrote about how it says to pay careful attention to what you read. Look at the techniques present in the writing and determine if you’d like to use them in your own writing. I took note of a quote by author David Jauss, he says “Reading wont help you much Unless you learn to read like a writer, you must look at a book the way a carpenter looks at a house someone else built, examining the details in order to see how it was made.”

“Reading like an architect”