How am I doing?

I mean. Fine? My favorite month has finally started and I couldn’t be anymore excited. The marathons of scary movies and the start of the walking dead is approaching and I’m so excited. Caramel apples are out everywhere so I’m eating WAY too much, but yeah life is good…

Since I’m in band I get really busy really fast in the month of October, so this is going to be funnn. BUT tomorrow is the Downriver Fanfare and that is such an important competition for my high school band.. and EMU band is performing in it!!

As for my classes, It’s hard keeping track and balancing life, band and homework but I mean whatever, it’s what we have to do for a good job. I also didn’t get payed at the beginning of the month for some reason so I’ll be busy stressing about emailing and calling important people.

Oh and I will have a baby brother coming up in the next 2 weeks. SO since I live at home, I’ll have to learn how to take care of the baby. But again I’m pretty excited for it. Just a bit concerned for everyone’s sleep and my school work and everything.

I have a very mixed feeling as to how I’m doing though, really excited about everything but at the same time internally screaming for a break. Which by the way, Thanksgiving please come soon.